Bayles Music Festival

Saturday 4th March 2017
2pm – 9pm
Bayles Hall and Reserve

What a great day we had. Perfect weather and exceptional performances.



The Performers

Start Outside Stage End         
2.00pm Folk Train 2.30pm   2.00pm Bluegrass Blend 2.30pm
2.35pm Brian Collier 2.50pm   2.35pm Peter Adams 2.55pm
2.55pm Cardinia School 3.15pm   3.00pm Harmonics 3.25pm
3.20pm Meg Doherty 3.50pm   3.30pm David Valentine 3.50pm
3.55pm Chris Newman 4.20pm   3.55pm Bayles School 4.15pm
4.25pm Journey Bound 4.45pm   4.20pm Clem Sedgman 4.45pm
4.45pm Cranberry Jam 5.00pm   4.50pm Koo wee Rup 2nd School 5.20pm
5.05pm Alan Lazarus 5.25pm   5.25pm Sandy Rasmussen 5.45pm
5.30pm Old Dogs 6.05pm   5.50pm Peninsula Folk Club 6.20pm
6.10pm John Hunter Combo 6.35pm   6.30pm Limberjacks 7.00pm
6.40pm Edward Nass and The Bad Pennies 7.10pm   7.10pm 101 Built in Tunes 7.40pm
7.15pm Tidal Moon 7.45pm        
  Closed     8.00pm Coolgrass 9.00pm


Thank you to One Agency for Their support.

And to Kitco Transport for the outdoor stage.