Bayles Music Festival 2018

Saturday 3rd March 2018
12pm – 7pm

Bayles Hall and Reserve –  Location – Map

The Bayles Music Festival is a free community event run by BADFolk – the Berwick and District folk Club. This event is to support the local community by what we do best – Music. There are 2 music stages, community groups, food vans, coffee and local performers including local schools. With 24 acts on stage the event will finish with a headline act Jugularity, a fun band.


Kitco Transport.

Stall applications are still open. Stall Holders Applications – –
Bayles-Music-Festival-Application Stall Holders 2018

The Performers

Park Stage End
Hall Stage End
  12.00pm Jose and the Amigos 12.30pm   12.30pm Chantelle Riordan 12.50pm
  12.35pm Young and Handsome 1.00pm   12.55pm Savannah Rose 1.20pm
  1.05pm Bayles P. School 1.25pm   1.25pm Folk Train 1.50pm
  1.30pm Chris Newman 1.55pm   1.55pm David Valentine 2.15pm
  2.00pm Limberlacks 2.25pm   2.20pm Harmonics 2.45pm
  2.30pm Alan Lazarus 2.50pm   2.50pm Peter Stanley 3.10pm
  2.55pm Deborah Wright 3.20pm   3.15pm Bluegrass Blend 3.40pm
  3.25pm Royalty 3.55pm   3.45pm Clem Sedgman 4.05pm
  4.00pm Tidal Moon 4.25pm   4.10pm Cardinia PS 4.30pm
  4.30pm PFC 4.55pm   4.35pm Old Dogs 5.05pm
  5.00pm Melissa Robinson 5.25pm   5.10pm Sandy Rassmussen 5.30pm
  5.30pm 101 BITZ 5.55pm   5.35pm Koo wee Rup School 6.00pm
    Closed     6.00pm Jugularity 7.00pm