2010 – 2011

December 16th 2011 Its Christmas (where did that year go?)

Our usual open stage night to wind up for the year. All the local talent and a great friendly night.
Joy to the World
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year


November 18th 2011 Richard Perso
Over 50 Festivals and still only aged 20 – Richard Perso, being an only child he always had to make up for his isolation by creating the same amount of mess as 3 kids. Therefore it was only a natural progression that led him to making as much noise as a 3-piece band. He doesn’t seem to have enough arms, legs or lungs to pull off such a physically demanding performance but that doesn’t stop him from playing 3 didgeridoos, driving a weapons cache of 4 overdriven acoustic guitars and somehow managing to replace the roll of a drummer with little more than his 2 feet.

Support Act

Twyce Daily Country singer Twyce Daily was about to give up music in search of “a real job” when he received two of the state’s top music awards. The Salisbury musician, who grew up in Para Hills was presented with the APRA (Australasian Performing Rights Association) South Australian Country Music Song of the Year and Modern Country Music Song of the Year on November 29. “I didn’t expect it to come this late in my life. I’d almost given up music,” he said.

Members Draw went to .
The Rat Award to Ken – Great songs well done.


October 21st 2011 Yesteryear
Is a four piece band guaranteed to liven up your venue or with their unique brand of entertainment.

Comprising four musicians, Jeff Henry  on bass and vocals, Wayne Higgins on lead guitar and vocals, Chris Newman on rhythm guitar and vocals and John Reid on Drums and percussion, each with many years of experience, YesterYear presents music from the 50’s right through to the 80’s delivered with skill and smooth three part harmony.

Yesteryear really had the house rocking

Members Draw went to
The Rat Award to Jan – A hard worker at the club.

September 16th 2011 Peter Denahy
is one of those blokes who was always around the pub, the session, the concert or the buffet with his fiddle in his hand, ready with a joke or a twisted one-liner.” (Mike Ruggles- Maldon Folk Festival) His mother is Japanese and his father is a fourth generation, Irish Australian. He spent his early childhood in Japan and gained an appreciation of music from his Japanese grandfather who was a conductor, composer and cello player.

Check out his website and get along to see him at a venue near you. Tripple A entertainer and musician.

Rat award went to  –   there’s just so much talent around!!!
Members draw
to – Zelma


August 19th 2011 Fred Smith
Fred Smith is one of Australia’s most remarkable artists. He has spent the last 10 years all over the globe: doing peace work in the war torn islands of the South Pacific, touring in America and traveling the Australian festival circuit where he has earned a reputation as a prolific and dynamic songwriter.
He presents his material with an engaging humor and a wry smile that has won hearts at all the major Australian festivals.
Fred was Joined by the talented Liz Frencham – wonderful voice and musician.

Rat Award went to Paul Higham – Great fingerpicking.
Members Draw
to – You know who you are!!!


July 15th 2011  Nick Charles & Lloyd Spiegel
Nick Charles and Lloyd Spiegel are two of the most recognised and respected guitarists in Australia. Between them they average 300 concerts a year and have toured extensively through Australia, New Zealand, Japan, U.S.A and Europe for the past two decades. Nick and Lloyd are pairing up for a very rare duo performance that should not be missed!!
If you did miss it you missed a very special night. Room filled to capacity. A big line up of spot act too

Members Draw went to John.
The Rat Award to Gina – A country singer with great presence and quirky songs.


June 17th 2011 Phil Young Band
At last! Phil Young is stepping out from behind the BADFOLK mixing desk and onto the stage for a proper airing of his treasure trove of songs. Phil’s brilliant songs, quirky humour and masterful performance will charm and delight everyone, for he is a local gem whose familiar face and gentle presence belie the exceptional talent and accrued wisdom of a musician and who has spent a lifetime exploring and expressing his craft.
The band consists of Elaine on backing vocals and a little banjo (plus occasional lead vocals on covers), our old ‘Brightwater’ friend Rick Sidgwick on various stringed instruments, Luke Sidgwick on Bass Guitar and Wayne Cuebas on percussive things and backing vocals.

Fiddlestix play fiddle, sometimes together, sometimes separate, mostly acoustic, sometimes electric, mostly with voice, sometimes with feet but always with energy, emotion and fire.
Fiddlesticks have been on a musical journey for 20 years, touring extensively throughout Australia and New Zealand, spinning their musical stories, spreading their love of all things “Fiddle” through performance, schools and workshops.
They have won multi awards for their fiddling, reached the finals in the TV series “Show Case” and for the last 5 years, have been exclusively contracted to Queensland Arts Council.     They cross the generations, the genres, mix the electronic with the acoustic, and toss it all into the world music melting pot.

Search youtube       1234Fiddlesticks
Ph 0434863840

Members Draw went to Mick.
The Rat Award to Carrie – A virgin at the club.


May 20th 2011 Damien Howard
Damian Howard released his debut solo CD One in 2006 with his band The Gentle Souls and special guests. In a break from the Celtic Rock sound of The Ploughboys One is an album of original compositions that embrace the full palette of song writing by blending acoustic, country, soul-blues and folk-pop sounds.
One is the deceptively consummate product of ten years of near-constant evolution. ‘A step away from the Celtic sounds of his work with The Ploughboys but is in tune with that gentle lush folk-pop by acts such as Colin Hay, Mick Thomas and Howard’s older brother Shane’ (Matt Neal, The Warrnambool Standard) Catch up with Damien if you have a chance – You wont be disappointed.

Members Draw went to June
The Rat Award to Karen Doyle


April 15th 2011 Hugh McDonald
Hugh has enjoyed a successful career as a singer, guitarist and violinist touring Australia and the world with one of Australia’s leading bands of the 1980’s, Redgum. Before joining Redgum in 1981, he played and recorded with The Bushwackers Band, The Sundowners, Moving Cloud and The Colonials.
Hugh currently performs solo or with an acoustic trio. He has a vast knowledge of Irish song and dance tunes and plays fiddle, guitar, mandolin and mandocello.  Hugh wrote some of Redgum‘s most popular songs, notably The Diamantina Drover, which has been recorded by a variety artists including Lee Kernigan, John Williamson and Christy Moore, Ireland’s most popular singer and songwriter.
Its gratifying to watch a masterful musician as talented as Hugh at work.
Members Draw went to Tony – Cheers
The Rat Award to Jim


March 18th 2011  The Lurkers 
They drive a yellow van, they are political and they are entertaining.
     Double bass, banjo, guitar and three-part harmonies. It’s subversive home-spun hillbilly bluegrass music about environmental evangelism, disobeying the law and DIY global suicide.
Martin Cubby aka Pretty Boy Floyd,
By day puts his skinny shoulder to the union organisers wheel. By night, he lets loose singing and playing blues on his ‘fascist-killing’ guitar and soulful harmonica.
Mithra Cox aka Desert Rat Shorty,

By day fights the consumerist juggernaut and teaches the joys and nuances of composting. By night, she sings, picks and strums her banjo, telling stories of woe, humour and the world.
Nicholas Mueller aka the Weary Hobo
By day, the Weary Hobo works at a community support worker in the north west hills of Sydney, and at uni convenes a student mental health group. At night, he sings away his wild oats while playing a thumping double-bass.
We had a full house in the Old Chapel, the lighting worked well and we had a great line up for the open stage. What more would you ask for??

The membership draw went to Ted and Vyvian – congratulations.


February 18th 2011 Dana Lyons
is the singer/songwriter best known for his dynamic performances and outrageous hit songs “Cows With Guns,” “RV” and “Ride The Lawn.” A global radio and web hit, “Cows With Guns” was #1 for the year on Dr. Demento, #2 on the Australian Country charts, #1 in Seattle and spent six months on the Irish Top 40.

Bringing together a mix of comedy, ballads and love songs, Dana’s sharp wit and beautiful voice have him performing at concert halls, festivals, conventions, fundraisers and universities across the US and around the world. Dana’s music style includes a bit of everything; his biggest radio hit, “Cows With Guns,” receives crossover radio play on country, rock, alternative, community, college and oldies radio stations worldwide. He has eight releases to date, including his latest, Three Legged Coyote, released in November 2009.

Two of Dana’s songs have been made into award-winning illustrated books: Cows With Guns, published by Penguin (winner of the Bullitzer Prize), and The Tree, published by Illumination Arts. The Tree was endorsed by Dr. Jane Goodall, has forwards by Pete Seeger and Julia Butterfly Hill and has won numerous awards.

A fabulous nights entertainment to a booked out hall.


January 17th 2011 Club BBQ A perfect day for a get together. We had a great turn up and as usual – too much food. But what more could you want. Good people and fine music.


December 17th 2010 XMas in the Old Chapel
As usual a great get together with all our friends including a few new ones. A few Christmas songs were sung, a free drink for the festive season and great company.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to All.


November 19th 2010 Two Rose Black
Are a unique group that combines one of Australia’s hottest young fiddlers, 14 yo Georgia Rose swapping leads and harmonies with top folk/jazz fiddler Alex Black on blazing Celtic and bluegrass tunes. Add to this  weaving  accompaniments and counter melodies to classic songs or Garry Roses’ eclectic originals about living on the land, hard times, vampires, Scottish castles, Russian immigrants and more. You will  laugh, cry,  and sing along.

Garry Rose has been the leader of the Iconic Briagolong Bush Band for 30 yrs and is famous around Gippsland and the Australian Festival circuit
Alex Black
is known as one of the greatest Celtic/Jazz improv. fiddle players in Australia dividing his time between the Briagolong Bush Band, Two Rose Black and John Shumann’s Vagabond Crew, touring Internationally several times.
Georgia Rose is the next generation of top fiddler. At 14 she has been playing at festivals  for 3 years including the National Folk Festival, Maldon, the Basin, Newport, Yackandandah  busking champ. 2008 and winning eisteddfods, and competitions  since she was 7.  The future of Folk music is safe in these hands !

Support Christie Heart
Playing a mix of contemporary acoustic, celtic, country/folk and jazz, Christie Heart is a charismatic performer whose voice has been described as, “The voice of an Angel”, “Feisty, earthy and sexy.” Christie performs in many places around Melbourne and Victoria, but is best known close to her home in ‘the hills’ of Melbourne’s outer east.
In writing her debut novel, Christie decided to take a selection of her original songs, and let them form the structure of a storyline, from this she has created a novel that stands on its own and a CD of great music to go with it.

Khe Sanh Rat Gratitude Award.
Went to Jim and friends who combined a great performance with Wayne, Ryan and Aleica.
Members draw
Went to Clem


October 15th 2010 Matthew Fagan

World roots musician, International finalist in Winfield International Guitar Competion who has  performed with Billy Connolly, Tommy Emmanuel, Leo Kottke, Bob Brozman Michael Fix, Bruce Mathiske, Geoff Achison , Lucky Oceans and more…  Matthew is best known  as a 10 string spanish flamenco guitarist, and now presents his roots, celtic, blues and jazz grooves.

A fiery show , Matt plays a national tricone resonator slide, celtic steel string and a liberty banjo personally given to Matt by Billy Connolly as a thank you after Matt toured with Billy in Australia in 1999.

“Matthew is the best artist I have ever toured with “( Billy Connolly, Australia tour 1999).

We also featured our own Tim Hannan who presented a set of his own material. Tim has won awards for his songwriting. CD coming soon.

Khe Sanh Rat Gratitude Award.
Went to David who did a great rendition of a John Williamson song ‘Boogie with me Baby’.


September 17th 2010 Beggs To Differ
“Beggs To Differ” is a Gippsland based group with a diverse range of musical styles. Philip Beggs and Terry Lay have strong links to both Folk and Blue Grass genres with guitar, mandolin, harp and whistles in their repertoire. Diana Rees is a classically trained concert pianist and John Rees is best known for his bass playing in the band “Men At Work”. In “Beggs To Differ” the Grammy Award winning John Rees also gets to play another of his loves the violin / fiddle.
This was another special night with magnificent musicians – see them at a cafe near you  (Venus Bay way)

Khe Sanh Rat Gratitude Award.
Went to Chalk and Cheeze – Doug & Keith – great sing a long songs.


August 29th 2010 Members Performance Day
At the Central Hotel, Princes Highway, Beaconsfield, in the Bistro area. A nice friendly day which we celebrated with Val who turned 87 an brought a big crowd. A couple of guests turned up too – great music – No better way to spend a Sunday afternoon.


August 20th 2010  The Campfire Session
Yes it was a theme night. We sat around a campfire (indoors) and had one of those great sing a long type nights. Songs were presented by various artists. All acoustic – just like we are in the bush!! – and the bush tucker was great too. We had some new acts for the open stage, Kate wowed us with some classical pieces on the flute. We finished late – every one was having soooooo much fun.
We held our AGM. Thanks to the old committee and welcome to the new one as well. Also a BIG thanks to those who make the night successful helping in the kitchen, on the door, doing sound and  other  tasks that need to be done – without you it would not happen.

July 18th 2010 People Place Music Concert
Its gone again – In conjunction with the Peoples Place, Peninsula Folk Club, Verandah music and Badfolk, a music concert for the people. A fabulous event again with 100 – 200 in the crowd and a great line up of performers.
A big thank you to the performers who donated their time, Mahogany House staff and Jamez for his hard work, vision and dedication.


July 16th 2010    Continental Drift
Anton Teese has played his grandfather’s violin a “Collin Mezzin” 1899, in a number of bands. A founding member of “Ragwort and Thistle” and the “Briagolong Bush Band” playing Australian and Celtic music for dances and festivals.
Anton and Wylva (who plays Double Bass) perform in the group Continental Drift, a string quartet with Jen Hawley and Terry Cole, to play a wide range of music often described as “European Café” style of sweet swinging gypsy jazz. Their performance is the most fun you can have with your pants on. Xcellent musicians with the X factor.

Khe Sanh Rat Gratitude Award.
Went to Jessie – another young player with an excellent voice
The raffle raised $160 which will be donated to the local Berwick Library.


June 18th 2010 Vince Brophy
A National & International touring artist, Vince has developed his own unique finger-style guitar playing & songwriting using alternate and standard tunings. Vince is a regular at festivals in Australia and Overseas and has appeared at: Wooden Boats Festival – Brest, Brittany, France, Isle of Skye Festival – Scotland, Port Fairy Folk Festival – Victoria Tasmania Summer Festival – Tasmania Opera in the Outback – South Australia Artist in Residence – Georgetown, Tasmania ABC National Tour – Australia Vince is also an APRA award winning songwriter and a regular tutor at The Lake School of Music, Song & Dance.
We were also treated to a song by Sally Carter on hot pink violin. Check out her site too.

Khe Sanh Rat Gratitude Award.
Went to Phillip – a 13 Year old boy who plays excellent guitar.
Lisa Dean Gratitude Award.
Went to Martin – The most tongue tiring song I have ever heard.


May 21st 2010 Grooveeddy AKA Eddie Cole Band
(Groove Eddy: Voice, guitar, Nigel Picknell: Drums, Joel Hulme: Bass, Amber Rose: Voice Judy Hamilton: Violin,voice Chris Hallam).  Groove Eddy is Eddie Cole. A singer and guitar player from Monbulk in the hills outside of Melbourne Australia. He plays solo or with his band. He’s working towards Groove Eddy’s first album. These are the first tracks of what will be called ‘Overload’. Featuring his sweet voice and some cool guitar lines the echoes range from Prince to Pink Floyd. He plays an ’84 Maton CW80, an early Cole Clark Fat Lady and a G and L telecaster. Some numbers have a country tinge while others are just beautiful plaintive songs.
Khe Sanh Rat Gratitude Award.

Went to Barbara for her performance on Harp. Beautiful Music.
Thanks to Clem for his performance which we videoed. Such a great singer.


April 16th 2010  Mandy Keating & Helen McLachlan
Melbourne based duet, Mandy Keating & Helen McLachlan have played music together for over a decade.  Originally from Geelong, they have played together in Celtic bands and are now playing as a duet.   They have a unique sound, revealing subtle anglo-celtic melodies, moving lyrics, warm and inviting harmonies and rhythmic influences of bluegrass, Celtic, folk and gospel.
In 1996, Mandy produced a solo CD titled ‘Hide Your Eyes’, which included a bonus track by Helen.  In 2007 as a duet, they recorded their first CD titled ‘Our Town’ which contains both traditional and contemporary music, and a couple of originals.
Sounds of Midnight 
Tristin- Vocals Loretta- Guitar Katie- Guitar/ Backing Vocals
We are a new acoustic cover band trio from S.E Victoria. We play a wide array of music from oldies to current pop tracks and everything in between. Each of us have been playing and enjoying music for a number of years and it was about time we got our stuff together and put our skills to good use. Music is always better amongst good friends and our playing definitely captures that.

Khe Sanh Rat Gratitude Award.
Went to Chris his  performance with original songs – Chris is from WA.
Lisa Dean Gratitude Award.
Went to Anne from NZ – A country yodeler which sure was different.
A jam packed night with artists from all over.


19th March 2010  Ted Egan
One man, a stomp box and a beer carton – who could think that could be entertaining. 28 CD’s books and TV shows to his name with a life time of story telling, all developed from listening to others. This man is a legend. We had a packed house to see him and it is the best entertainment one could wish for. Every song has an interesting story told in a way to keep your attention. It’s been about 5 years since I saw Ted last and I wont leave it that long again. Nothing but a fabulous night.
On a special note, Thank you to the committee for nominating myself and Christine as life members – It has been great to be able to bring together people who love acoustic music and we meet great people in doing it.

Khe Sanh Rat and Lisa Dean Gratitude Award. Went to Peter and Ray for their  performance on the digereedoo.


19th February 2010  Snez
It’s very rare to experience an artist who writes and performs with raw passion and spirit. Sharing her stories and songs about life, love lost and found and capturing the romance of life with an honesty and vulnerability. Snez has been co-writing and performing with Guitarist/Producer Stewart Peters, a man of many talents. Cutting his production teeth alongside Vanda & Young (The Easybeats) while employed by Albert’s Productions during the ’80’s, Stewart’s skills as a producer are of note (the finest example existing in the chords and grooves of his music). That’s what we said and it was true too– A fabulous on stage presence to captivate.

Rattling Strings.
This Dandenong based duo will be joined by Don Gula on  Bass making them a trio for the night. A very entertaining group who left us wanting more.

Khe Sanh Rat and Lisa Dean Gratitude Award. Went to Jim for a great  performance with improvement.


31st January 2010  Club BBQ
A very hot Melbourne day so we held the event in the Old Chapel. A great turnout for this event and as usual – too much food (glad I’m not a caterer).  It’s a nice relaxed day for getting to know the members.