2006 – 2007

21st December 07 Christmas in the Old Chapel
Always a great way to end the year with an open stage event just before Christmas. Great crowd, great friends and great talent, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

16th November 07 The Four Hillsmen. Detour & Tom Bolton & Friends
The Four Hillsmen – Four piece vocal harmony with a repertoire that had us laughing and almost crying (from laughing). Their serious numbers showed us how good they were.
David, Treacy and Terry are great musicians and added a contrast to the night. They have been playing regularly around Gippsland and Pakenham so catch up with them if you can.

Tom Bolton  and Friends
released his new CD ‘When I cross the River’. Tom is a fine musician with a distinctive style of playing. His CD is one, I think, that you need to lay down, close your eyes and listen to closely.

Khe Sanh Rat Gratitude Award.
No award tonight with a support act.  The Members raffle proves to be a big hit – Thanks to Khe Sanh Restaurant. Members are enjoying Tuesday nights with Wayne at the Restaurant.

19th October 07 Jenny M. Thomas and Red Rock Ramblers.
Good to see so many in after the previous month – a great crowd. Jenny’s skills are well worth catching up with if you missed her and you get the chance. For a change of pace the Red Rock Ramblers had them dancing in the aisles.

Khe Sanh Rat Gratitude Award
Went to Clem with his wonderful voice and performance.
It was good to see the Recovering members back again.

21st September 07 Phil Garland AND Phil Young
A fabulous night even if numbers were down a little. Must have been the footy? The AGM was over quickly and on with the music. Thanks to all who turned up and supported the club – these meetings have to be done for the club to exist.
Both the Phil’s gave excellent performances as was to be expected – Nuff said. The singing of Happy Birthday (our 5th) and blowing out of candles contributed to the night. Peter won the Major Members Raffle and was there to collect it – ON YA Pete.

Khe Sanh Rat Gratitude Award
Went to Margaret with more original songs. Keep tackling those nerves, they only last 10 – 20 years?

A couple of members are unwell currently so we wish them a speedy recovery and our condolences to Tim on the passing of his mum.

17th August 07 Melbourne Scottish Fiddle Club & New Dogs Old Tricks
“Judy Turner is the founder of the MSF Club and tonight’s performance will be an energetic mix of the two groups.”   That’s what I said and wasn’t it ever!! We had 14 from the MSF Club and their performance was nothing short of excellent (and highly entertaining) as was New dogs.
Khe Sanh Rat Gratitude Award
Went to Ken with two original songs. The talent out there is endless.

5th August 07 Members Performance Day at the Central Hotel Beaconsfield.
A great afternoon enjoyed by about 40-50 members as well as others. Bruce Watson gave a great performance with audience participation as well. I think most people ate too. Thanks to the Central Hotel for their support.
CLICK HERE For Photos of the day (Thanks Craig)

20th July 07 Ross Ryan
What a night!! A bit of a late start and with too many spot acts to go on and a lot of new faces and young people – Good to see them enjoying the music. Ross Ryan – Been around a long time and his performance/ entertainment really shines through. Very few left early and we finished late.
With backing from Ken Stephenson on a range of instruments, the music was exemplary.
We have a new sponsor – thank you to the Khe Sanh Asian Restaurant in Springvale (Partner David attended for the welcoming). Great food and open mike on a Tuesday evening with Wayne Thompson.

Khe Sanh Rat Gratitude Award
Went to Angela and Emma for great performances including original songs.
Welcome to new members who signed up. The Club keeps getting stronger and stronger. (It was standing room only for Ross.)

15th June 07 Open Stage.
As usual, a good turn up for a REALLY GREAT informal night where impromptu performances of members who joined together to provide excellent entertainment. The Fry Brothers also came along- thanks to Jan, and showed off their great harmonies.
No Rat award this night and the Members prize went to Bill

18th May 07  Nougat
Ruth Roshan (mandolin, vocals) and Tania Ravbar Costantino (guitar, vocals) played original pieces and fresh arrangements of music from around the world, particularly from Spanish and South American traditions. Their music highlights the beauty and versatility of guitar and mandolin. They are Melbourne based and have an established reputation in Melbourne and Victoria.
Support Act Khristian Mizzi has been playing at local venues and festivals around Melbourne and is establishing himself as an excellent musician. He has on CD out currently and is working on more.  A great performance from him.
The mix of these two artists created a fabulous night from the great voice of Khristian to the classical (including a Led Zepplin song) style of Ruth and Tania.
The Rat Award
Went to Bronwyn who played original tunes. We want to see her back.

20th April 07  Jugularity
20 years in the industry and still enjoying it. They are all they claim to be. Great talented musicians who really know how to entertain.
Support Act  Silver Reasons – A young band just starting out fronted by J J Bruce who has a wonderful voice also kept us entertained.
The Rat Award
Went to Sue & Kelly who were first timers to the club.

16th March 07  Braemar
What a great way to celebrate St Patrick’s Day.  A reduced number of spot acts with Mandy Connell as a support artist. 
The Rat Award

Went to Detour (Dave and Treacy) although we called them sidetrack for the night – there are usually three of them but one was missing?

16th February 07  Brightwater
A Great acoustic night in the chapel was had by all. A few surprises too. Noel and Alex down from Queensland gave an excellent performance.
The Rat Award
Went to the Cheeky monkey (Lisa Dean) who popped out of a box for a surprise visit. You never know what will happen !!

21st January 07 Club BBQ
The weather was not the kindest to us and it rained off and on lightly until the last half hour. We need the rain so we can’t complain. Every one ate well, sang well and had a great day.  It’s the reason membership is all worthwhile.

15th December 06 Christmas Bash – It happens every year
A great night to celebrate Christmas and provided great entertainment with a variety artists (even a poet from Western Aus). The night was open stage where everyone joined in and sang along to carols. As usual – a great night.

17th November 17th 06 Bossanation & Libertad.
The Jazz influences and the skills of this trio are terrific.  A great way to start the evening (apart from the spot acts),
And to follow them, Libertad – who had people on their feet moving to the rhythm and dancing in the back.
Unfortunately we were without our main sound men and experienced a short delay – a great learning experience- and all ended well with Cyril on sound. Get well quickly Phil.
Heatherhill Rat Gratitude Award
Went to Prudence for a Seekers a’capella ( with a little help from Alex)

October 20th 06 Barbara Jefferies & Sweet Pickings.
Barbara’s performances are exemplary, Her new CD “from my daddy’s shoulders” is a great listen, If you think Harp music is Ho Hum, She will change your mind. Available for all events- keep her in mind.
As are Sweet Pickings, Maurice and Wendy are a fabulous team playing together and their music is great. We will have them back.
Heatherhill Rat Gratitude Award
Went to Doug, I  closed my eyes and thought it was Neil Young on stage.

September 15th 06 Indigo Rye  
Well I said ” It’s a bluegrass night with this band with great harmonies. They will get your feet a tappin’ and did they ever!!
A great crowd, excellent spot acts -a great all round night of entertainment.
Heatherhill Rat Gratitude Award
Went to Graham for a couple of spoken word Aussie poems.

18th August 2006 Marisa Yeaman & Chris Newman
A good crowd in and the AGM went well. A new committee was elected with two members changing. A big thanks to the outgoing members who contributed significantly to the club – well done.
Spot acts kicked off the night followed by Chris Newman and his impeccable style – Mr. Neil Diamond.
Heatherhill Rat Gratitude Award
Went to Tracey who sang with Jan – Keep singing.

Its great to see members being involved with the club for without them the club does not run. Especially Alex on door, Lorraine & Gary in Kitchen and Cyril & Tim on sound.

21st July 2006  Yee ha! We went country with Ian Castles, Ray Moore and lots more.
The place was packed – standing room only. From starting with a set from Chris Newman to the conclusion with Ian and Ray on stage together, sharing songs and trading jokes, most left at 12.15am.
No Heatherhill Rat Gratitude Award
because of the theme night.

15th & 16th July 2006
Songwriting workshop at Venus Bay with Bruce Watson
What a great weekend. Most arrived Friday night for a sing along after settling in. Saturday resulted in a cohesive group who, at the end of the day, produced some fine songs. The night saw people joining in writing and performing together or alone. Sunday saw a run down/follow up session in the morning and a performance at the Tarwin Lower Hotel in the afternoon. Even the rain did not deter us. Great work to all the participants and thanks to Bruce Watson. Bruce runs songwriting groups and if you are looking for one, you can’t go wrong.

19th June 2006 Open Stage.
Always a good night with enough talent to go around.  Tim & Cyril on sound to give the ailing Phil a break.  Note to self – must get some photos of these nights.

19th May 2006 Christina Green. and Bill Dettmer
Its great to see local artists who have played on the open stage at one time or another perform an longer set. Both Christina and Bill are thoroughly seasoned performers who have toured extensively and been involved with community music events for many years.
I don’t mind saying that this night was an exceptional mix with Christina’s voice and the highly entertaining performance from Bill.  Wayne, one of our sponsors turned up. He hadn’t been for a while due to work commitments, and performed. On ya Wayne.
His award – Heatherhill Rat Gratitude Award:
Went to Frank for his efforts (good ones) with a couple of happy songs.

21st April 2006 Fiona Boyes and Leigh Sloggett
This was another one of those really great nights that stand head and shoulders above the others. Beginning with a great line up of spot acts which included Riley Jordan who is almost finished her new CD, right through the main acts, every one was enthralled.
Leigh launched his new CD ‘Sliding to your Destiny’  with a great performance on slide and acoustic guitar.
Fiona followed and showed why she is Australia’s Premier Female Blues artist. Acoustic guitar (Maton), plastic stomp box ($2 shop) and Talent (genes & hard work) cemented a performance with everything you always wanted.

17th March 2006 MUNDY-TURNER
A smaller crowd than expected –  because of the Commonwealth Games most likely. It didn’t reduce the performance in any way though. Get along and see Mundy-Turner if you can. Great harmonies, arrangements and music. I really enjoyed their version of Clancy of the Overflow.
Heatherhill Rat Gratitude Award:
went to Dave for being brave enough to do something Irish (It was St Patrick’s Day). My Irish jokes went down like a lead balloon.
Riley Jordan
also attended and gave a performance on the open stage. If only Christmas could happen every month.

17th February 2006 – The Rigby’s
A mix up with our booking so we were in the Old Chapel and totally acoustic. – What a great night!! Open stage  – another load of talent and a support performance from Paul Amira on acoustic Bass.
Heatherhill Rat Gratitude Award: went to Maree for a duo of a’capella songs – Great voice.