We are a Non Profit Incorporated Organisation
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‘Bringing together people who love acoustic Music’

3rd Friday of month (excluding January)

Doors open 7:30 – Music starts 8:00pm
Old Cheese Factory
34 Homestead Rd., Berwick, 3806


$12:00 Guests
$8:00 Members and Spot Acts
(Note: Entry prices may vary depending on artist/venue)

Berwick and District Folk Club exists to provide entertainment and to contribute to the community through the folk genre (predominantly acoustic music), supporting amateur and professional artists/musicians and by providing opportunities for performance in a friendly supportive atmosphere which is inclusive of age, cultures and abilities and develop links with like minded groups and to promote these arts through education and personal development.

After attending Folk Victoria events
at the Brunswick East for about 18 months we developed a love for acoustic music. However living in Berwick meant a 100k round trip to the city on a Friday night with us arriving home in the early hours of the morning. Christine suggested we should start our own, there being nothing in the Berwick area. We were also going up to the Selby Folk Club.
We were going to trial running it at AJ’s Restaurant in Homestead Road.
Having set every thing up – Booked the artist had press/media coverage ready to go and went to confirm it with the venue. We were told that the Chef hadn’t paid his rent and the Restaurant was closing.
We checked out a couple of other venues and decided on The Old Cheese Factory as a good convenient location. We needed 30 guests to break even. On our opening night we had 70. We were  very happy.
The second night we had 17. We Persisted. We incorporated early 2003 as we need man power to run the club. Until then it was a family affair. During those early years others came on board and assisted in fully establishing the club – Thank you one and all.
We pride our selves of being inclusive, family friendly and as a music listening venue.

The Rat

Being in the low lands
we decided that most Folkies lived in the hills or attended Selby, Ringwood or Peninsula. Chris found a copy write free image of a funky little rat playing guitar and we adopted him as our mascot. We realised the connection later -The Rat at The Old Cheese Factory. I liked the thought of BADFolk and adopted the name as the Berwick And District Folk Club. It is also more encompassing.
We have a Rattitude award given to a spot act on the might as an appreciation of what they have done. It’s not a best of competition but a thank you.
Our Motto is ‘Bringing People (Folk) together who Love Acoustic Music’